About Us

RUSSETT PR was founded to help elevate brands of all sizes using a combination of modern and traditional public relations.

Working with business owners to find solutions that work without creating more work for them. While you are expert in your product or service, we are experts at knowing what your business needs in order to be successful in the digital and customer experience space. Public relations is not just landing press placements (important, though) but it's about how your brand is perceived by the public. This includes everything from your branding to your social media platforms to your store experience. 
We believe that public relations is essential and no longer an option.
Because good PR equates to a successful business. 

What We Stand For

Supporting  businesses of all sizes

accessibility for all to quality design

Learning and educating on the work that we do

community at the core. we buiild a family here.

Lauren Russett

Lauren Russett, Founder, and Director of PR of RUSSETT PR brings a passion to help elevate brands. Using her experience of living and working in a big city (Chicago) she is determined to work with brands that want to excel while maintaining their story and history. 

lauren is an avid reader, and lover of romance. in her free time she enjoys spending the day with her boyfriend, rj and cuddling her cat, lady. 


Founder and Director of PR

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